Drunk Illinois Woman Pulled Over With 15-Foot Tree Wedged In The Hood Of Her Car

That’s funny. I don’t remember the ride home being this scenic.

According to Fox News, a 54-year-old Schaumburg woman was pulled over by Roselle police roughly six weeks ago because she was driving with a large tree stuck in the hood of her Lincoln Town Car.

Police said they were responding to a call from a concerned citizen about a car “cruising along with a 15-foot tree stuck in its grille,” but let’s be honest: Odds are they would have eventually found this beauty on their own.

Maryann Christy “smelled of alcohol and failed field sobriety tests” when police pulled her over shortly after 11:10 p.m. on January 23. They noted the front airbags had been deployed as a result of the collision, one that Christy said took place in her hometown but “couldn’t exactly remember where.”

The Roselle Police Department arrested Christy and charged her with driving under the influence. They then did everybody a solid and posted these two photos on their Facebook page last week. In just a matter of days, the post has already been shared more than 19,000 times.

The good news for Maryann is that she doesn’t live in Northern California, as the story wouldn’t have been as funny if she would have slammed into a redwood instead of this little guy.

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