‘Twerking’ Fitness Classes Now Exist

Photo: YouTube

For those that thought twerking was just a phase, you may want to think again as now there are twerking fitness classes being offered.

From fitness studios in Los Angeles, to Arizona, to even the hole that is Florida, twerk classes are now a thing that you can attend, and Twerk Out Workout in Atlanta can even arrive at your bachelorette party to teach you how to twerk as well.

These twerking exercises combine pole dancing or toning classes, and can help you burn up to 1000 calories, and make you the envy of all your friends when you go to the club. All your basic friends will be throwing out their back trying to be as good as you, probably.

While here in America we are just getting all these very important classes that were desperately needed, it’s in Europe where they have become a massively popular trend, led by “Twerk Queen” Anet Antosova. Anet is like the Beyonce of twerking, which is an analogy I expect everyone to understand for me, and then explain to me later.

Anet leads twerk workshops all over Europe, which I’m assuming is a tad more entertaining than all those writing workshops I once considered taking, until the Internet distracted me from productivity.

Check out Anet in all her twerking glory below.

Via Your Tango