Mandatory TikTok: @tooturnttony Is the Must-Follow TikToker of the Week

America discovered its fondness of Guidos thanks to MTVs obvious magnum opus, Jersey Shore. However, the crew has aged out. The reality is, it’s not cool to watch people get wrecked. Thankfully, you can update your outrageous guido roster with this week’s must-follow TikToker, @tooturnttony.

If you were to take DNA from the crew of Jackass and make a baby with the cast of Jersey Shore, you’d end up with someone like @tooturnttony. Obviously, this kind of unbridled chaos should get lots of views and it does. Tony aka TooTurnt’s crew consists of his family and his girlfriend, a sexy woman in a ski mask. Together, his father, brother, sister, and girlfriend torment his mother. The feel is very Bam Margera if Bam were actually a golden guido instead of a drunk dude from Pennsylvania.

Although TooTurnt’s pranks can be kind of rudimentary, he always does right by the person he’s pranking. This means he throws hundreds and hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in cash at their face(s). Honestly, a fantasy any of us would love to indulge in. However, you don’t have to take our word for it, check out our favorite of Tony’s videos and find out why this TikToker is so damn popular.

Image: @tooturnttony (TikTok)
@tooturnttony…wait for it.♬ original sound – Tooturnttony

@tooturnttony Reply to @toodirtydom ♬ Carmen Habanera – Abaco Tango Club

@tooturnttony1 year ago today this masterpiece was all over the news.♬ original sound – Tooturnttony

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