Florida Man Faked Burglary So He Wouldn’t Have to Go to Work

Imagine what people like Dwayne Yeager could accomplish if they put just half the effort they exert coming up with and executing schemes to avoid working into actually going to a job and doing it. It’s safe to say, at the very least, they wouldn’t have mugshots pop up online when you type their names into Google Images.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, Yeager called police on Monday to report a burglary at his residence in Brandon. The problem? There was no burglary because the 31-year-old fabrication worker fabricated the whole thing to get out of going to what apparently is a shitty job.

Yeager told police he came home to find his front door and windows wide open, and a white Honda Civic with a black fender was waiting at the street corner.

But when authorities interviewed neighbors and had a look at their surveillance cameras, they noticed Yeager’s story had quite a few holes in it, namely the fact that he staged the whole thing. Yeager eventually confessed to making it up, adding he didn’t know he could go to jail for lying about a robbery.

Well, apparently you can. And we’re pretty sure that when Dwayne Yeager spends a night in a Tampa area prison, he’ll probably wish he would have just gone to his crap job in the first place.

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