Horrible Italian Man Arrested for Adopting Cats and Eating Them

Here’s a story that makes us cringe almost as much as when Lou Holtz speaks.

An Italian man has been arrested for maltreatment of animals after authorities say he adopted cats for the sole purpose of eating them. Even more disturbing? This guy has a wife and two kids.

Over the course of several months, the 50-year-old man was able to adopt at least 15 cats, all of which had to be “three years old, black, and quite plump.”

Workers at the animal shelters became suspicious of the man’s activities after he refused routine checkups on the cats. When they arrived unannounced at the man’s residence, they actually caught him in the midst of preparing a cat for dinner.

The man eventually confessed to killing and feasting on the rest of the adopted cats as well as “eating them in the company of and serving them to friends.” He sadly faces a prison sentence that will only last a maximum of one year.

What an asshole.

(via Mirror)

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