Florida Man Steals More Than $15,000 Worth of Victoria’s Secret Panties

We’ll admit we love sexy women’s underwear — just not as much as this guy.

Daniel Espinosa allegedly stole a total of 850 pairs of panties from a South Florida Victoria’s Secret and has since been slapped with a charge of grand theft.

According to Broward Circuit Judge John Hurley, Espinosa entered the Victoria’s Secret at Sawgrass Mills in Sunrise on three separate occasions and took $15,475 worth of women’s underwear. His juvenile co-defendant is five times the pervert and is accused of stealing more than $76,000 worth of women’s knickers, bras, and lingerie.

But perhaps the best part of this story is the video of Judge Hurley reading through the complaint with Espinosa. Watch here and you’ll notice as Hurley reads through the details of Espinosa’s second “visit” to Victoria’s Secret, the public defender, who has spent the entire day representing crack and meth dealers, turns and gives his client the old “Damn, son” look.

According to NBC Los Angeles, the hearing ended with Hurley telling Espinosa, “Don’t come back to Victoria’s Secret.”

And in case you’re wondering, yes, Espinosa lives with his mother.

(via NBC Los Angeles)

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