This Pervert In Japan Has Been Stealing Panties For 20 Years

Photo: arnaby Hall (Getty)

In a related story, I feel awesome about who I am today.

According to Japan Today, a 61-year-old delivery guy was arrested in Tokyo yesterday after police said they found more than 1,000 articles of women’s clothing at his house.

Police said Yasushi Kobayashi admitted to stealing the panties and stockings and even added that he’s been doing so since Bill Clinton was in the White House. They said that while Kobayashi would be out making deliveries, he would “often steal lingerie that had been hung out to dry on balconies or from washing machines in coin laundries.”

Photo: Universal Pictures

Photo: Universal Pictures

The reason Kobayashi has been loading up on women’s underwear, nylons and lingerie? You guessed it: He has liked wearing them since he was a young man.

Kobayashi’s kinky ass was finally pinched on April 17 when he allegedly nabbed nine items that had been “hung out to dry at a costume rental shop in Higashi-nippori in Tokyo’s Arakawa Ward.”

No word on what company Kobayashi had been making deliveries for, but it sounds like if it wasn’t for Victoria’s Secret, then he really dropped the ball on killing two birds with one stone.

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