Tequila Review: Casa Noble

We at Mandatory are huge fans of tequila. Not the cheap, harsh tequila that burns your throat on the way down and is best taken in one swift shot or masked by an alarming amount of the most sugary margarita mix you can find. We enjoy the good stuff. The stuff you can drink straight, on the rocks, or mixed in a sophisticated cocktail. The kind that goes down a little smoother and is so delicious that just one glass really isn’t an option.

This is why we were all about sampling the different expressions of tequila that Casa Noble has to offer. Casa Noble is one of only three organic tequilas made in the world and boasts a number of awards. The fermentation process is 100% natural and is followed by triple distillation. Each expression has its own distinct flavor so, depending what you’re in the mood for, they’ve got you covered. Plus, you know a tequila is good if Rock ‘n’ Roll legend Carlos Santana is a part of the team.

Casa Noble Crystal
Any good home bar should have a Silver/Blanco tequila. Casa Noble’s Crystal, which earns its name by appropriately looking the part, would be a welcome addition to any basic bar. While it may be the least appealing of the three expressions in this review, it’s affordability makes it an excellent stepping stone on your journey from blacked-out frat boy to full-fledged tequila connoisseur. With summer quickly approaching, do yourself a favor and pour a little bit of this sweet and smoky tequila with hints of cinnamon, citrus, white pepper, and cherry over some ice to enjoy as soon as possible. $35

Casa Noble Reposado
Aged in French Oak barrels for nearly a year (364 days, to be exact), Casa Noble’s Reposado is the perfect mixture of smooth and spicy. The little kick at the end makes this one of our favorites because there’s enough age on this tequila to make it a sipping tequila, but it doesn’t suffer from being too smooth (not that there’s anything wrong with that.) But for those times when you want to be reminded that you’re a man drinking a man’s tequila, then opt for the Reposado instead of the ultra-smooth Anejo. $45

Casa Noble Anejo
This expression is an overall favorite of not only the three included in this review, but of tequilas entirely. It’s extra aged in French White Oak barrels for two years and is produced in limited quantities. With notes of chocolate, coffee bean, and rich oak complimenting the sweet agave, citrus, herbs, and spices, you’ll pleasantly discover during the first sip why this high quality tequila is an award-winner. $50

Check out Casa Noble.com for more information, including cocktail suggestions and recipes.