This Horrifying iPhone Charger Needs You to Kill it With Fire

You may think that the world is already too full of accessories for your devices already, but one Japanese designer has decided that the world would be better off with one shaped like a monstrous umbilical cord. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the Grow Cable, and it’s fucking disgusting.

The Grow Cable is the brain, er, thing of artist Mio Izawa, who describes it like so: 

“The iphone cable shaped as an umbilical cord, which keeps moving while it’s charging. Now people bring their iPhone all the time in their lives. I designed the looking of this cable as an umbilical cord, which mother feeds energy to her baby. It moves as if it’s trying to introduce iPhone into, just like to express an irony to people’s dependance on iPhone.”

You read that right – this thing moves while it’s charging your phone. Not only that, but it makes weird noises while it’s slithering around, too, making it less like a mother feeding energy to her baby, and more like an alien life form trying to suck the apps from out of your smartphone’s undercarriage. 

Take a look at the charger in action below:

Is it on me? I feel like it’s on me. 

If you wish to get your hands on the Grow Cable, then it’ll set you back a cool $6,052.96 from Izawa’s Etsy page. For that page you could probably just buy a baby, rather than replicate the experience of having one attached to you via a terrifying umbilical cord monster.

(h/t Boing Boing)