Megan Fox Doesn’t Let Her Kids Use Technology, Shits On ‘Jonah Hex’

Megan Fox just enrolled her kids in a school that’s technology-free, and she won’t let them use the Internet or have things that connect to the Internet at home, because it apparently “interferes with the brain development”.  I guess any parent is allowed to use that phrase if it isn’t proceeded by the phrase “a MMR vaccine”. Her kids will just hate her, they won’t die so it’s all good. It also seems like she’s doing this whole thing so her kids will never be able to see Jonah Hex

“It would be nice to make some things that they can see, yeah, because something like Jennifer’s Body I’m not going to let them see for a long time. Something like Jonah Hex I’m not going to let them see ever, no one should ever see that movie.”

It makes you remember how bad Jonah Hex was when the woman saying this is saying it while promoting Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2. The first one came out during a May and that had Megan Fox still promoting it overseas the following October while they were already filming the second one. That’s how much money they squeezed out of that bullshit. They let her promote this so long she starting talking like Batman v Superman deniers. Anyway, that’s how bad Johan Hex was. And we continue to know that Megan Fox will talk shit about any of her movies at any time.


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