Wink-Link, Nudge-Nudge

Oh, so that’s where hipsters come from. I would have thought a horse’s ass, but this is pretty close.

Carmen Electra might be addicted to sex toys. Also reported: She’s not even trying to hide that hideous bra. [Hollywood Tuna]

Lily Allen: “I know lots of people who take cocaine three nights a week and get up and go to work…But we never hear that side of the story.” [I’m Not Obsessed]

Real World: Brooklyn vs. real world Brooklyn [Complex]

Cameron Diaz
nipple-slips? Why not? [City Rag]

Busted-looking star of the day: Debra Messing. [Celebslam]

Cindy Crawford doesn’t let her daughter watch Hanna Montana because it makes her a little bitch. [Celebitchy]