Jessica Simpson is Straight to DVD

Update your after-Christmas bargain wish list because DVD Active announced today the long awaited DVD release of Blonde Ambition!

Title: Blonde Ambition

Starring: Jessica Simpson

Released: 22nd January 2008

SRP: $24.96

Further Details:

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has announced Blonde Ambition which stars Jessica Simpson, Luke Wilson, Penelope Ann Miller, and Rachael Leigh Cook. The Scott Marshall directed comedy will be available to own from the 22nd January, and should retail at around $24.96.”

The most pathetic part of this is that Jessica Simpson’s father, “Papa” Joe Simpson is one of the producers of this steaming pile of shit and was so desperate to sex up the promos for it and save money that he recycled an old photoshoot from Jessica’s A Public Affair album and Photoshopped it on some other chick’s body for the DVD cover. Papa Joe, you know as well as we do the only thing worth looking at on Talentless McBumpynose is her tits, so if you want anyone to buy this crap, crop everything but her boobs. Then crop the brakes off your car and drive off a cliff because I hate you.

Thanks, Renee, James, and Vicki!


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