Jessica Simpson Is Being Sued For Posting A Picture Of Herself On Instagram

Jessica Simpson


So a paparazzo person took a picture of Jessica Simpson, then she found that picture online and posted it to her Instagram. She’s now being sued for posting a picture of herself that a photo agency sold for money. This might be the best late stage capitalism story ever told. Per THR:

Splash News and Picture Agency, a Nevada-based celebrity news company, is suing Simpson and Reality TV World for copyright infringement over a series of photos of Simpson leaving the Bowery Hotel in New York. Splash granted The Daily Mail a limited license to publish the photo online in August, but never gave such permission to Simpson, according to the complaint filed Tuesday in California federal court.  “Simpson or someone acting on her behalf copied the Photograph and distributed it on Instagram — within hours of its original publication on August 9, 2017,” writes attorney Peter Perkowski. “The copy of the Photograph that Simpson distributed on Instagram had been altered, without authorization or approval, to remove the CMI showing plaintiff as the copyright owner of the image.”

Not sure if any celebrities read this site, and honestly why would they, but if they do, hey, photo agencies stalk your social media. People have to Google “Jessica Simpson” and they still stalk her social media, so don’t think you’re safe. Stay woke. The banner pic I used is from Getty and I’d like to thank the photographer who took it. Many levels to it.



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