Isabelle Ratchford casual friday
I love friday with a heart written on a memo at the office

Isabelle Ratchford Just Gave Casual Friday A Better Name

I love friday written at the office. Photo: PeerCreative (Getty).

This is far from the first time we’ve covered the lovely Isabelle Ratchford. And quite frankly, why would you want to cover her (up, that is) when her take on #CasualFriday looks something (or perhaps we should say “BUMthing”) like this?

Hopefully that butt pun came across the way we wanted it to, but regardless, we sure wouldn’t mind spending a day at the office with her. Before you even think to accuse us of being crass with that statement, all we meant was that she’s clearly good at research. Plus it appears she’s able to reach the books on the top shelf, which might come in handy for short guys.

As for the research portion, we went ahead and did the legwork on that one. And by that, we just mean we supplied you with a few more of Isabelle’s hot takes on casual dress below.

Be sure to follow Isabelle on Instagram and Twitter. We guarantee you’ll get as much joy out of it as she will. Happy Friday, everyone!

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