Ashlynn Yennie Really Likes See-Through Clothes and Teasing

Photo: Albert L. Ortega (Getty Images)

Ashlynn Yennie is an American actress from Wyoming and while you might best know her from the disgusting movie that is The Human Centipede, her lovely, true self is absolutely beautiful. The 32-year-old slim, pale actress looks very youthful, and acts like it too, as you’ll see from her very sexy, seducing photos on Instagram.

Take a look at the hottest Ashlynn Yennie photos from her Instagram and see just how much this 5 ft 6 in beauty loves to tease. And how she absolutely hates wearing non-transparent clothes.

Ashlynn Yennie Sexy Photos From Instagram

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As you can see here, Ashlynn is all about wearing see-through clothes and we’ve never been happier about someone’s fashion choice.

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If we saw this type of female character in a movie we might condemn it for being too unrealistic, but Ashlynn Yennie proves that truth can be prettier than fiction sometimes. A perfect pin-up look and a great photography as well. She would be great for a noir-style film.

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But let’s go back to more see-through stuff cause obviously, that’s what Ashlynn Yennie likes to wear when she’s writing her blog.

Those eyes are something special indeed, big, green with a blue border. Unique. Honestly, how could people have cast such beauty in a horrendous movie like The Human Centipede? Although, she was great in it.

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Who is taking these photos of Ashlynn Yennie? We’re hoping he isn’t getting paid as that would be too much goodness for one job/life.


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