Hottest Burning Man Women

Photo: brazzo (Getty Images)

If you live in the USA, chances are you’ve heard of the somewhat mystical festival that happens every year called the Burning Man. In fact, the organizers and the attendees tend to dislike the name “festival” and prefer to be called a community. The reason for this is that there are never any official lineups or artists coming by. People create their own entertainment and keep the event alive by contributing in any way they can. Of course, one of the festival’s most memorable elements is gorgeous Burning Man women who dress up in the Mad Max fashion and simply take your breath away. Here are some of the girls you can come across there.

Some would say that every gallery should start with a face, but we beg to differ. This voluptuous decorated behind is the silly and exciting art that really defines the Burning Man event. Of course, as soon as you start thinking about the everyday troubles one would have with this form of art on herself, you’ve already lost the spirit of the event.

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Here is one overly joyous lifeguard that quickly got the gist of the event. This is just a piece of the atmosphere that usually happens at the Burning Man and as you can see, it’s utter madness, in the most positive way, of course.

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The best thing about the festival is that you can enjoy it both individually and in a group. Here is a casual girl absorbing the power of the setting sun that creates a beautiful atmosphere no one is immune to. Anytime you feel like stepping away from the crowd, you can do so freely without losing the magic of the Burning Man.

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Here is a casual blonde showing off her Burning Man look and, in a way, promoting the event. What do you think about her style?

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We’ve mentioned freedom as one of the chief points of this community. Well, you here is a perfect example of it. This beautiful performer quite literally plays with fire in the still of the night while, somewhere in the background the large wooden statue that carries the event’s name is being engulfed by flames.

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Here is what happens when you want to rob a liquor store in the afternoon, but also need to make it to the festival later at night. We wouldn’t mind getting robbed by her.

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Of course, girls aren’t always badass at the Burning Man event. They are also free to enjoy their childhood fantasies and bring their own unicorns. What’s better than a unicorn and a bicycle at the same time? Well, the stunning girl riding it, probably.

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We’ll end it with this slightly inappropriate image because it’s too cool to be left out. Have you seen anything cooler than this lately?

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There you have it. This is a list of some of the hottest and craziest Burning Man women that give the event and the entire community life. If you plan on going, remember that it’s always the people that make it so unique and appealing. It goes to show that you don’t need a lot to have fun. Except for, maybe, a 40ft wooden statue embellished by the flames.