This Tinder Girl Came To Quite The Realization

Photo: Reddit/Tinder

Tinder has been around long enough now where everyone has tried it out, or at least checked it out to see what all the fuss is about. And while it’s mainly dudes who are looking to have sex to distract themselves from their broken life, some Tinder profile gems are sometimes found within the cesspool. It’s just like that gal who was really, really “not interested in having sex.”  Or like this gal who spewed nothing but nonsense on her bio, but we forgave her because of her photo. And now, thanks to Reddit, we’ve come across another gem.

The Tinder gal below, according to her profile, is a 25-year-old named Jessica, who attended the College of Staten Island. But that’s not what grabs everyone’s attention, because let’s be honest, no one wants to go to Staten Island. What grabs everyone’s attention is what she has written down on her bio.

Check it out below.

This Tinder Girl Came To Quite The Realization 

Photo: Reddit

As you can tell it reads:

I’m on tinder because I noticed anal sex hurts a lot less than being single.

Well then, Jessica really made quite the realization it seems.

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