People Actually Thought This Woman Filming A Sex-Cam Show On A Plane Was A Real Flight Attendant

Photo: YouTube

And if she is, then someone please tell me what airline this is. No really, tell me.

Last week a video was going around the internet that showed a woman dressed up like a flight attendant and filming a sex-cam video show in an airplane bathroom And of course it blew up, as some people thought this woman was actually a real flight attendant. Well what those people didn’t notice is that the video was posted by CamSoda, a very popular cam site. So yeah, that was the giveaway that she wasn’t employed with any airline.

The NSFW video shows the woman unbuttoning her blouse, flashing her underwear, messing around with her boobs, and doing some other stuff that you would be pretty interested to see. Some folks even believed that the airline themselves had put one of their flight attendants up to this in order to promote their WiFi on their flights. And that would honestly be the best marketing campaign ever. And it also sounds like something Richard Branson would be down for.

Their were also rumors that this “flight attendant” had been fired. But of course that was all before it was revealed that this was just a marketing ploy by CamSoda themselves. And hey, we are talking about it, so it seemed to work. And sure, this would have been quite the story if she was a real flight attendant, but we aren’t that lucky. Maybe United Airlines needs to do this in order to get back on the good side of things.

Anyway, here is a sort of SFW video of that cam show that’s been going around.


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