Mile High Club
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Strangers Try To Join Mile High Club, Flight Attendants Bust Them

Photo: Jack Taylor/Getty Images

I can honestly say I haven’t join the Mile High Club as just fitting myself in a tiny plane bathroom is enough of a struggle, so imagining two people buried in that shoebox seems like an impossible feat. But apparently it’s possible because a pair of strangers were recently caught shacking up on a packed Virgin Atlantic flight to Cancun.

The pair met on the Boeing 747, and apparently the woman was completely trashed and decided to kiss the guy, which of course escalated to more as they both ended up in the bathroom together. It wasn’t long before flight attendants figured out what was going on and opened the toilet down to find the guy with his pants down.

Check out the video below:

“Would you jeopardize your holiday for a b*** job?” Yes, that is something that flight attendant actually said.

Dude Catches A Couple On Video Joining The Mile-High Club

The Sun

Virgin Atlantic told The Sun they have now banned the woman from all future flights. A roofer from Kent who was sitting nearby told The Sun:

“She turned up on the plane totally sloshed at 12.30pm. She was very friendly and approached me and my pal for a chat. The woman then struck up a bond with a guy who was traveling on his own and sat across the aisle from her. They were kissing. They were both in their late 20s, but were total strangers before getting on the plane. Minutes later she disappeared into the toilet, and he followed her in. It was so obvious. Everyone knew what was happening because she had been so loud and rowdy.”

Footage shows the man emerging from the toilet first and trying to argue that the woman had been taken ill. Minutes later the woman, said to be from Chelmsford, Essex, was involved in a punch-up with a female pal and was accused of throwing drinks around the cabin.

Cops soon arrived to meet the woman on the plane and escorted her off. Listen folks, if you’re going to join the Mile High Club just make sure you aren’t busted by crew — that’s the most important thing. And if you are busted, just make sure you don’t follow it up by getting in a fight, which leads you to being taken off board. You’re welcome for the tips.