Dude Catches A Couple On Video Joining The Mile-High Club

Screenshot: Facebook

So apparently there are people out there still trying to join the mile-high club. And while the couple in the video below seemed to successfully join it, the aftermath of it was of course caught on video by another passenger.

David Eve, a British traveler, was on a flight from London to Miami on July 4h when he realized that a little loving was going on in this plane’s restroom near his seat. So what does one do in that situation? You pull out your phone and see if you can film the aftermath. And guess what? That’s exactly what Eve did.

You can see the original video on Eve’s Facebook, where he included this caption: “Wait, was, wasn’t there just two people in there? Naughty Americans!” But the LADbible posted a much more hilarious version of the video below, including Seinfeld music and all.

Oh boy, those two different reactions tell you the whole story — the gal tries to keep it on the down-low while the dude is pretty damn proud of himself.

Oh, and even Virgin Atlantic shared the video on its Facebook page and added this comment, too:

This is just more proof that everything is caught on film these days.

h/t Maxim

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