Japanese Woman Massages Her Breasts With Vegetables to Make Them Bigger

You have to admit that it does sound like a much healthier alternative to implants.

According to Jezebel, a Japanese woman named Ryoko wants bigger boobs so badly that she has a YouTube channel dedicated to videos of her attempting anything to increase the size of them. And by anything, we mean a “taking a vacuum cleaner to her jugs” kind of anything.

Her latest idea? Making her breasts bigger by massaging them with vegetables.

This is the 28th different attempt Ryoko has made to increase the size of her cans, and this time around, she said she used summer vegetables because they have “grown under the influence of the summer sun and are thought to have very good properties for breast enhancement.”

Well, here’s hoping the vegetable massage didn’t do the trick and number 29 requires a massage from a blogger.

Apparently her local supermarket doesn’t carry these cookies: Japanese Cookies Claim They Can Make Breasts Bigger


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