Anna Silk On Lost Girl

Anna Silk is best known for playing Bo, a tough yet loveable Succubus who feeds off sexual energy, on the popular Showcase series “Lost Girl” (however, she hit people’s radars when she played the caustic “Deb,” an irritable flight attendant in the Nicoderm commercials). Since realizing she is part of the Fae, creatures of legend and folklore who live among humans, Bo has forged her own path between the human and Fae worlds, while embarking on a mission to unlock the secrets of her origin. The fifth and final season, which begins on December 7th, sees Bo go to hell and back to try to save the people she loves, triggering an explosive chain of events.

Silk, who hails from Fredericton, NB, let readers in on the final season of the show and what her plans are now that production has wrapped up.

CraveOnline: Tell us about the final season of “Lost Girl.”

Anna Silk: We finished around October 1st… I feel like it just happened but that it’s far away too. The final season is probably my favourite – I enjoyed the others, of course, but I feel like because we knew it was the last season we relished every moment. [They] brought back such a clear, brave, driven Bo, whom I enjoyed playing this year. It was so great to do every episode and the ending is so special and I was so pleased when I read it [in the script]. You know when you read the last chapter of a book and you hope it lives up to what you anticipated for the end? This does.

What happens in the last season with Bo?

We pick up shortly after where Season 4 left off. There was so much heartbreak in Season 4 and Bo has this drive in Season 5 and infuses the season with a lot of energy from the very beginning.

How has playing the role of Bo changed you, either professionally, personally, or both?

I’ve grown from this experience. Professionally just having a job as an actor for the first time and knowing I’d be coming back to not only a job but a dream role and working with such amazing people was nice (laughs). I feel so lucky to have had that experience and it will always be a highlight in my professional and personal life. I made a lot of friendships and we had such a special little world that we created. I grew in terms of leading a show, which was whole new experience for me. I felt ready for it but you don’t really know until you’re doing it, right? I also getting married, had a baby

Are sci-fi and supernatural subjects something you were interested in before?

I had done very little sci-fi before this, but since going to sci-fi conventions, it’s really opened my brain to more sci-fi. I’ll definitely tune in to newer stuff.

Any other projects? What will you do after playing Bo? Taking any time off?

My plan is to take a break and be with my son. I’ve been reading some interesting scripts and talking about projects but I’m more focused on being a mom for a little while.