Stop Running Around and Buy These Items Online


With shoemakers like Allen Edmonds offering customization, you can buy footwear online.

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Medical experts are telling us these days that most of us don't get off of our backsides enough these days. This piece isn't going to help.

I apologize to the malls and mom and pop owned stores across the planet, but there's no real reason to go to the shops anymore. In the post Amazon age, it seems as though you can get pretty much anything you want online. We're already getting our books, Blu-rays and music online. Now, the extent of cyber shopping convenience has seemingly got to the point where the only thing you can't get from the comfort of your own laptop or tablet is healthcare. But, that's another story for another, much less amusing publication.

Just in case it hadn't occurred to you, here are some of the types of shops you no longer need to visit:

Shoe Stores: You're not a five year old who goes through a pair of shoes per month because you're growing. You're a grownup, and you know your shoe size. You know if you need regular or wide and whether you need inserts. So, why not order your shoes online?

The best part of shodding your hooves via WWW is companies like Allen Edmonds that allow you to design your own classy custom pair destined to arrive at your door.

Car Dealerships; Outside of test driving a make or two, there's no reason to wander the metal-stuffed aisles of car dealerships looking for the right color or trim level. Every major automaker now allows you to custom build your desired vehicle online. 

Take Jeep as an example. I recently test drove their 2014 Jeep Compass. It's a very capable, affordable small SUV. If I was in the market for just such a ride, the Jeep website allows me to systematically choose everything from hue to stereo package before the end product is delivered to my town of choice. It's up to you to arrange financing and insurance, but you can handle that from your computer, too.


Custom-fitted Adams XTD Forged Irons.

Golf Stores: If you want to play serious golf, here is one caveat to waving golf shops out of your life forever. Stop by a big one and go through a proper professional fitting. For example, Adams Golf has an extensive fitting system that leaves you with data on what length of clubs and stiffness of shaft you need.

Once you have that info, whether you buy Adams, Mizuno, Nike or any other club maker, you can have your clubs custom built via online order.

Eyeglass Boutiques: Thanks to online glasses suppliers like Warby Parker, all you really need to buy eyewear is a proper prescription from an optometrist. Once you have those numbers, you can now get hooked up with stylish frames and lenses at a fraction of the cost on sit down boutiques.

Pet Stores: These joints can be truly awful. They're often stocked by mills and staffed by folks just looking for paycheck without really being overly concerned for their animals' welfare. Meanwhile, there are endless lines of shelter pets looking for good homes all around the world with websites ready to make a connection.

Shrinks' Offices: The advent of VOIP and services like Skype make online psycho therapy possible. It helps a therapist to see the expression and body language of a troubled client, and both parties no longer need to be in the same room — or same country — to allow that. A quick Google search will unveil online therapy options both large and small