David Bowie Shoes

Oh You Pretty Things: Vans To Release David Bowie-Themed Glam Rock Sneakers

Photo: Jim Dyson / Contributor (Getty Images)

If the idea of no longer having rock legend David Bowie with us here on Earth is more than you can bear, know he continues to live on. This time it’s through a limited edition line of sneakers released by Vans and made in the White Duke’s image.  They’ll come in Van’s most popular styles, including the Slip-On 47 V DX, Old SkoolSk8-Hi and Era. And each of the styles references one of four different Bowie albums starting with his 1969 self-titled record. These far-out Bowie-themed shoes will hit Vans stores on April 5.

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Well, if you do, which pair really speaks to you and your wallet? Let us know in the comments!

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