CES 2014: Chevy Brings AppShop to Onstar

Chevrolet took another huge leap forward in the quest for the connected car at CES 2014. Chevrolet’s new AppShop will be integrated into Chevy’s MyLink infotainment system.

Just like with their current smartphones, customers will be able to access an AppShop and download just the apps that they would like included on their dashboard, and presumably get rid of those they don’t want.

“The built-in 4G LTE connection will allow our vehicles to be updated with the latest software and apps,” said Mary Chan, president, GM’s Global Connected Consumer. “This means that the driver’s vehicle infotainment systems can keep getting better after purchase as customers can continue to add-on and customize their features.”

The initial list of planned apps announced includes Vehicle Health, iHeartRadio, Priceline.com, The Weather Channel, NPR, Slacker Radio, TuneIn Radio, Cityseeker, Eventseeker, Glympse and Kaliki.

However Chevrolet has also made an API available and is encouraging the developer community to get creative with their platform, while keeping a focus on safety.

“At General Motors, we are trying to minimize driver distractions through the use of technology,” said Phil Abram, chief infotainment officer, GM Global Connected Consumer.

The idea is to make simple voice enabled apps for the car, so that drivers can keep their smartphones in their pockets, and their hands and eyes on the road.


CES 2014: Day 1 at the Consumer Electronics Show; 1/7/14



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