10 Retro Game Boy Commercials

Christmas is almost here, you guys! We just have to do Eating Day and then it’s time for presents, but not just any present – the greatest present ever invented in North Pole history: the original Nintendo Game Boy. Now you’re playing with portable present power! Here are 10 retro Game Boy commercials:


Game Boy – Robot Warrior Guy (?)

Okay, seriously, what is that guy supposed to be?


Game Boy – How Much Fun Can You Handle?

A lady with Game Boy cartridges stuffed into her bikini? I’d better marry her before someone else does!


Game Boy – F1 Race

Round up your posse and try to remember that this game existed.


Game Boy – Power To Go



Game Boy – Super Mario Land

Give Mario a “happy ending,” if you know what I mean. *Gigantic Wink*


Game Boy – Getting Old

No, you can’t play my Game Boy, dad.


Game Boy – Have You Had Your Fun Today?

Damn it, dad. Get your own.


Game Boy – Wario Land

Greed is good? Yup, sounds like the 90s to me.


Game Boy Color – Debut

Escape to a world of very limited color.


Game Boy – Old Folks Vs. Punks

…and thus, a historic peace agreement was reached.


Bonus: Virtual Boy Debut

It’ll give you an immersive headache.


Geoffrey Golden is the author of Frankenstein’s Girlfriend, a bestselling humor book on Amazon. Header via.