First Look: All-New X-Men #19

So, Battle of the Atom is done, the Original 5 X-Men are stuck in our time, and, for some reason, Kitty Pryde has taken them all off to join with Cyclops’ team of jerks, because she’s mad that the Jean Grey School faculty didn’t agree with her when she wanted to say ‘screw the fabric of space time, what I want is more important.’ Thus is the state of the X-Men now. Oh, and now Kitty and Illyana are suddenly best friends again even though not too long ago, she didn’t trust her to the point that she broke up with Colossus because he tried to spare her the curse of Cyttorak, and Illyana tortured her brother with manipulations and lies and got him to want her dead. It’s the X-Men, kids!

So what’s next? Find out in All-New X-Men #19, where the old team has new uniforms, and they have to go up against the Purifiers – those genocidal jerks – who are out to kill a mysterious mutant girl. What’s her deal? You’ll have to check in with Brian Michael Bendis and Brandon Peterson to find out.





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