RANKED! Every X-Men Movie Ahead of ‘The New Mutants’

The shiny dome of the X-Men’s leader Professor Charles Xavier first came to the silver screen in 2000. Captain Picard himself, Patrick Stewart, played the cue ball-headed psychic then. Hugh Jackman, Ian McKellen, and many other talented actors also gave incredible performances. Perhaps most memorable was supermodel Rebecca Romijn-Stamos’s costume, or rather her lack thereof. The X-Men film franchise has seen highs and lows since this strong start.

The next chapter in the saga seems set to be the best yet. The 13th movie about these gifted youths, The New Mutants, is due out April 3. In it, Maisie Williams plays the badass Wolfsbane. Her werewolf-like superpowers seem perfect for the Night King-slayer herself. If the anticipation is just too much, we’re here to help. We’ve ranked all the X-Men and mutant movies for you. This list covers it all, from the cringy X-Men Origins: Wolverine to the truly epic Logan.

Cover Photo: Marvel Entertainment

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