Andy Hunsaker

Andy Hunsaker

Comic Channel Editor

Comics Editor Andy Hunsaker has written for Yahoo! Movies, Fancast, XfinityTV and UGO, among others, covering movies and television, and has loved comics ever since he read the giant-sized Marvel Treasury Edition of The Rampaging Hulk #26 four thousand times and grew to love guys with weird heads like M.O.D.O.K. and the Bi-Beast.  Therefore, he will also defend Ang Lee's Hulk, although he understands why you don't like it and won't hold that against you.

As far as reviews go, he believes the main point of being a critic is not to pass yourself off as the final arbiter of quality passing holy judgment on a work of art, but rather just to share opinions so that the reader can decide whether or not the critic is someone whose tastes generally align with theirs.  If so, that reviewer is one whose work you can trust if you're curious about a particular title.  If not, cue loud, angry internet vitriol.


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