NBC Is Letting Conan O’Brien Use Clips For ‘Conan 20’


The acrimonious split between NBC and Conan O’Brien led to most of the clips from the host’s 17 years at NBC buried in the vaults. True, his TBS show Conan has had plenty to laugh about, but come on, that’s nearly two decades of comedy output generally unavailable anywhere. But there’s a new regime at NBC, and apparently they’re willing to work with O’Brien to celebrate his 20th year of doing late-night TV. That’s evidenced by the fact that all this week, for a limited time, classic clips from Late Night with Conan O’Brien and the ill-fated Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien are available on TeamCoco.com.

Watch them while you can, because who knows how long this will last? We’re talking Masturbating Bear, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, The Interrupter, Money Shot Lincoln, Preparation H Raymond… here, let’s just give you a few examples of what you can see:


The classic cold opening of both his first Late Night, the epic cross-country run from his first Tonight Show, and the bitter one from his first Conan.




Amy Poehler, before she was famous, as Andy Richter’s crazy little sister.





Conan joining an Old-Timey Baseball League…



Triumph at Bonaroo…





The ever-disturbing Max Weinberg on Max Weinberg action…




And a blooper reel (which they’ve never really put together before, and in a bit of hilarious irony, on Wednesday night’s show, they actually had a technical glitch that screwed up showing the screw-ups). 





So, check out a treasure trove of classic Conan comedy, like the Kayak Guy, Jar Barf, Will Ferrell’s Scrub A Dub, and even his cold open from the 2006 Emmys. You’ll waste plenty of quality time doing so!


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