Mandatory Tribute: The Very Best of Conan O’Brien As We Bid Farewell to the Bright Orange Flare of Late-Night Television

It’s the end of an era (another one). Conan O’Brien is putting his late-night talk show host persona to bed tonight after 28 years of making America laugh its ass off.

That’s right, the redheaded Irishman isn’t completely going off the air, luckily, or this would be a much sadder occasion. He’s simply switching networks after completing his 10th season of Conan on TBS tonight, a show that lived in obscurity after his NBC snub from the network (and, of course, Jay Leno) more than a decade ago. Now he’s hopping over to HBO Max for a weekly variety series, the likes of which we can only imagine.

In honor of O’Brien’s epic run on late-night television, we’ve rounded up 10 of the greatest skits and scenes to remember him by. Relive the hilarity and appreciate his comedic creativity anew with these unforgettable moments.

Cover Photo: Tim Mosenfelder/Stringer (Getty Images)


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