5 Hilarious Songs from Ninja Sex Party

NSP Is an irreverent duo based in New York. One part Ninja, one part spandex, Danny Sexbang and Ninja Brian have created an internet legacy of ninja killings, sex moves and Jew fros.

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Their songs are fun, catchy, fast, furious and have more bang for the buck than you could ask for. And If you ask for it, then Ninja Brian has the answer… in ninja style killings.


Enough of this history in bio, let’s get on with a real history lesson.

Dinosaur Laser Fight


If that put some ants in your pants, then this song has the answers you seek!

I Just Want To (Dance)


Before we move on, you’re going to really need to get in to shape to even watch the rest of the videos. It’s time for a montage… or just this training video.

Sex Training


While your training is now complete, there is something you much ponder on. The choice is yours.


The Decision

Training – Check, Right Decision? Check! Finally you’ve achieve the thing you desire most… this video, clearly.


Objects of Desire

Thus commences this short list of 5 of the best videos from this bonertastic comedy band. Now let’s all go home and curl up to spoon with a trivet.


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