7 Attempts At Barbecuing In The Rain

You invite friends over for a barbecue and then it starts pouring rain outside. BBQ ruined? Not for these champions of summer, who dare defy Mother Nature, the ultimate buzzkill. Umbrellas will be utilized, rain jackets will be worn and burgers will be devoured. Here are videos of 7 attempts at barbecuing in the rain:


Summer In Sweden

To be fair, Swedish chefs are disaster-prone.


Hillegersberg Barbecue

The funk’s your brother, but the rain’s a bother.


BBQ in the Rain

Attack the barbecue. (Rain does, that is.)


Focused and Persistent

And foolish.


BBQ Fort

Protect your meat from the rain hordes.


BBQ Competition in the Rain

The competition: who can remain not pissed off by the end of it.


Group Rain BBQ

The magic of movable tents.


Geoffrey Golden is the Editor-In-Chief of The Devastator: The Quarterly Comedy Magazine For Humans! Header via.