Talkin’ Sex With jessica drake

As the AVN award-winning adult actress attempts to teach the world how to have sex properly in her 'jessica drake's Guide To…' DVDs, we thought we'd have a good ol' fashioned chinwag with her about wholesome topics such as fetishes, horny OAP's and what we're doing wrong in bed…


CRAVE ONLINE: Even though it’s in the title, sex education has never really been very sexy. What are you doing to change that?

JESSICA DRAKE: The reason that I decided to do the 'jessica drake’s Guide To Wicked Sex' series was because I noticed when I was doing all these appearances at different conventions, the people that were coming to meet me had really changed: it went from being all guys with just a couple of women in between, to suddenly being men and women aswell. I wanted to provide them with a resource that was not only informative and educational, but I wanted to do something that they would enjoy as a couple.


At this point in your career you’re taking a more directorial role in your movies. Do you prefer being off-camera or on-camera?

My true love is performing. I love having sex on camera, I love playing different characters, but with that being said I get a lot of satisfaction out of the creative part of the process. I’m a bit of a control freak – when I direct a movie, whether it be a feature movie for Wicked or one of my instructionals, I do all of the work myself. I love being a part of that creative process because I get to sit down, look at the finished product and I’m not just proud of my acting, I’m proud of the whole thing because I did it.

You travel across the world giving sex advice to people. Has anybody ever asked for your help on something sexual that was a bit too weird?

I don’t think I’ve ever been asked a question that was too weird, but I have definitely heard things around the world that have surprised me.


Well now I have to hear an example.

I had a woman in her 40s come up to me and say that she wasn’t sure whether she had ever had an orgasm. I felt really… not sorry for her… but I felt like I really should be giving her more information. I talked to her for a really long time afterwards and hopefully I pointed her in the right direction.

I also had a guy who once discussed wearing diapers. He wanted to build a crib and he wanted to wear diapers and he wanted his partner to breastfeed him and treat him like an infant. When I’m faced with stuff like that I think that as long as it’s not hurting anyone, and as long no children or animals are involved, then I can’t really judge them that much. I believe that we’re hardwired to be turned on by certain things and for some reason that was his fetish.


Yeah, whatever tickles your fancy and all that.

The first seminar that I ever gave was on fellatio and towards the end when I began discussing more advanced techniques, I had a woman who was in her 70s stand up and ask me – now I’m gonna repeat exactly what she asked me, so you may choose to edit it out for the sake of this interview…


…nope, I’m leaving this in…

…she stood up and she asked me “well, what about face f***ing?” Of course, I turned bright red. I was blushing, but then I just went right ahead and started talking about it because clearly she wanted to know!


You never get too old, do you?

(Laughs) Clearly not!


I recently did an article on the best sex positions and named the reverse cowgirl number one. I received quite a negative reaction to it, so I thought what better person to ask than you – just what is the very best position?


For a guy or a girl?


I’m gonna say a girl, as I’m sure our male readers need to know that more.

Right. Well I’m a big fan of doggystyle, but with that being said it has to be with the right person and in the right situation. Doggystyle is sometimes a challenge for women if their partners are extremely well-endowed, so for a situation like that I would say cowgirl or reverse cowgirl is better because the woman has more control, and if her partner is bigger she’s going to need that control so she doesn’t feel any pressure or any pain.

As far as positions go for guys, I ask them this question all the time and they are all really big fans of reverse cowgirl because for them it’s a visual thing. They want to see everything happening and when a girl is on top of you in cowgirl, not only are you able to look into her face, but if the guy is on his back then his hands are free and he can put his hands all over her body and he can be as active or as passive as he wants to be.

As for a position that’s really good for anal sex, I think spooning is really good because it’s a position that’s very easy on both peoples bodies. There’s not a lot of straining, two people are laying side by side… it’s pretty relaxed, y’know? It depends on what you like, but what I like is doggy.


What would you say is the most common mistake men make in bed?

That’s a great question. I think the most common mistake is men assuming that once they have a technique it’s going to work for every woman. Women are all really different. We’re like snowflakes – each one of us is different from the last. Some women are gonna like it harder and faster, some women need gentle love-making, some women need lots of foreplay while some women don’t! The second biggest mistake is over-zealousness. If a guy’s really trying too hard to impress a woman then we can feel that, and to us it comes across as insecurity.


What more can we expect from Jessica Drake this year?

First of all you can expect a lot more international travel and hopefully I’ll be in your area (the UK) to meet some of the UK readers on your website! I’m also going to put out some more volumes of Jessica drake’s Guide To Wicked Sex, make a bunch more movies for Wicked – we’ve done a parody of Men in Black that we’ll be releasing soon – and just a lot more great stuff from Wicked Pictures.


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