NBA Player’s Stuck In China

China don’t play. NBA players are finding out the hard way that all is fair in love and global political labor law. Wow, that’s a mouthful. Ok, bottom-line, the Chinese Basketball Association is now saying NBA players that signed with Chinese teams will not be allowed to opt out of their contracts. This means players like Kenyon Martin, J.R. Smith, and Wilson Chandler wouldn’t be able to return to the NBA until March.

As a member of FIBA, NBA players need a letter of clearance from the Chinese Basketball Association before the NBA can let them play.  Chinese teams could face forfeiting  any games NBA players participate it in the United States if they are not given clearance letters by China first.

China appears to be holding a firm line on this issues stating, “They can play, get paid [in China] and return to the NBA in March,” one Chinese team official said. “Or they can not get paid, and return to the NBA in March.”  Looks like the NBA and players will continue to suffer from their inability to make a deal in the off-season.