5 YouTube Channels You Should Be Watching

In many ways YouTube shares similarities with today’s music industry: beneath the myriad one-hit wonders and Justin Bieber fans/detractors, there’s some genuine talent to be found. It’s far too easy to dismiss YouTube as an entertainment medium when its Most Subscribed list is a who’s who of narcissists and people who you’d pay good money to see waterboarded, but there are diamonds among the heaps of steaming cow dung who thoroughly deserve this pleasant little piece of publicity.

Read on to find the 5 YouTube channels that you really should be watching.



Oh look, a 20-year-old sitting alone in his bedroom talking to a video camera. We haven’t seen this on YouTube before…

Fortunately for both us and him, Chris Kendall’s videos do not solely consist of him staring bleakly into the lens of his Flip Video and reciting to us tales of his mediocre day; instead they are 5 minutes worth of low-budget belly laughs as Chris, armed with nothing but a great sense of comic timing and a floppy haircut, leads us through a madcap world of talking socks, Twilight and keyboard lessons.



Jenna already has a decent viewership, but people who manage to be good looking, intelligent AND funny always deserve more.

Although Jenna specifically targets the female demographic with video tutorials such as “How To Talk To Animals”, she’s a must watch for men too, specifically if you’re wondering just how disgusted your girlfriend is by you when you have sex with her.



You may be thinking that two floppy haired British YouTube comedians on one list is overkill. It probably is. But c’mon, who can resist that dry, self-deprecating English wit?

 A lot of people, apparently, which is why quite a few of Khyan’s videos devolve into him poking fun at his lack of a sex life.

Never mind, Khyan, at least you made it onto this list! Everyone likes lists!



My Roommate The… is a series which focuses on protagonist Lou’s infinite stream of utterly awful roommates.

From homophobes to CEO’s, to stalkers and to ghosts, Lou’s never ending bad luck when it comes to finding someone to occupy his spare room is an inventive way of parading a selection of buff jerks, pretentious arseholes and bafflingly attractive women in front of us for us to hate, laugh at and ogle accordingly.



Learning? On the internet?! Pfft. You don’t come here to learn; you just want to post Twitpics of the food you’re eating and create a Facebook page for your cat, right? Well with VSauce, you can learn and have fun, both at the same time. Weird, I know.

I’m the kind of guy who likes to share useless pieces of trivia with anyone within earshot, so VSauce is my kind of channel. Offering its viewers everything from humourous Tumblr photographs of cats brushing their teeth to fascinating facts about space, VSauce is bite sized knowledge for people who spend too much time taking photographs of their sandwiches to go and get a decent education.


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