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TikToker’s Viral Lemon Cutting Video Has People Questioning Whether There Was a Glitch in the Matrix (Or Just Amateur Editing)

Are we living in a simulation? Or is that theory absurd given that most of our existences are so boring? If you have strong thoughts on the matter, you might want to check out a viral TikTok video that features a young woman cutting a lemon…that appears to grow back together?

TikToker @kahootdaddy777 (known IRL as Jade Gonzalez) is an 18-year-old worker at her mother’s restaurant, Asadero El Fogon, in Phoenix, Arizona. She recently posted a video of herself that included security cam footage in which she apparently halves, then quarters a lemon, then turns her back for a second. When she returns to pick up the lemon with a baggie, she pauses, confused. The lemon she just cut appears to be halved, not quartered.

Check it out:

@kahootdaddy777 SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN#greenscreenvideo #glitchesinreallife #glitchinthematrix #wtf ♬ original sound – KahootDaddy777

“There was a glitch,” Gonzalez insists in the beginning of the video, which quickly amassed more than 3 million views. “A glitch in the system.”

There was a glitch all right…the kind of technical glitch inherent in what was likely a hurried attempt at amateur video editing. Maybe we’re cynics, but that lemon morphing back into one piece just looks a little ”sus,” as the kids say these days.

Gonzalez, who was cutting the lemon for a customer, insists she cut the lemon in quarters.

“I go. I wash my hands. I come and I grabbed the lemon. I put one half aside. I cut the other half, I go grab the bag. Then when I go to put it in the bag … I always separate it in the bag … I couldn’t separate it,” she told TODAY. “I do remember cutting it all the way. I can feel when the knife cuts down and it touches a table. So I’m 99.9% sure I cut it all.”

Surprisingly, most fellow TikTokers sided with Gonzalez, and many of them claimed they’d had similarly eerie experiences.

“I LITERALLY SCREEN-RECORDED, cropped to zoom in and played at 0.3 speed… THE LEMON MOVED BACK IN PLACE!!!” one commenter claimed.

“I feel like they (the system) wants us to know it’s a system at this point. They’re trying to wake us up you guys,” a conspiracy theorist offered.

“The lemon said, Nah and put itself back together,” someone else joked.

Others didn’t have time for this nonsense.

“Lmao I used to be a server and cut buckets of lemons DAILY. The inner skin can be stubborn to cut. Not y’all tryna get deep about a lemon,” one snarked.

“I’m more concerned no one is wearing any gloves while prepping food,” another snipped.

OK, people. Believe whatever you want, we guess. But as they say, there’s a sucker born every minute. And when life gives you lemons, make a poorly edited TikTok video.

Cover Photo: TikTok


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