Johnny Knoxville Doesn’t Make Jackass of Himself at WrestleMania, Somehow Fewer Brain Injuries Though

by Doug Rapp

Johnny Knoxville may be retired from Jackass, but he’s not done with painful shenanigans in public. The silver-haired, 51-year-old appeared on WrestleMania 38 Sunday night in Dallas, taking on Sami Zayn in an “anything goes” match.

Is there any other way it can go with Johnny?

Johnny Knoxville pulled out an array of Jackass-style props to help him hurt Zayn: airhorns, bowling balls, mousetraps and even that giant hand from Jackass 3D (yeah, the one that smacked a gullible Ehren McGhehey carrying a tray of soup).

Other Jackass alumni lent a helping hand in Johnny’s match. Chris “Party Boy” Pontius entertained the crowd as only a man in a denim thong can until Zayn tossed him out of the ring. When Zayn jumped down to get him, he got a big surprise when Wee-Man burst out from under the ring, pummeling Zayn before body-slamming him.

It was a jackass dream come true.

Johnny tossed Zayn on a table of mousetraps, a fate McGhehey is also familiar with from the first Jackass movie, before bringing out a giant mousetrap to pin Zayn for the victory.

After the Jackass franchise dealt him multiple concussions, broken bones and a catheter for a penile injury, Knoxville may be ready for something a little less physical, like professional wrestling. He’s certainly good at the offstage drama. Besides trash-talking Zayn before the match, Knoxville hired a plane to fly around L.A. advertising Zayn’s cell phone number.

Whatever the next chapter of his life brings, Johnny Knoxville’s a born entertainer. Even if it’s fake. Or not.