SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA - DECEMBER 07: 2021 PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARDS -- Pictured: Jeff Bezos speaks on stage during the 2021 People's Choice Awards held at Barker Hangar on December 7, 2021 in Santa Monica, California. (Photo by Alberto Rodriguez/E! Entertainment/NBCUniversal/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

Meanwhile in Rotterdam: Thousands of Locals Planning to Egg Bezos Superyacht For Dismantling City Monument, Can’t It Just Be Because We Don’t Like Him?

Jeff Bezos’ superyacht is on the move, but if Dutch preservationists have their way, it won’t be passing through their port unperturbed. Residents of Rotterdam are threatening to pelt the $500 million vessel with rotten eggs if the city dismantles a section of a 140-year-old bridge to allow it safe passage as currently planned.

Unless local officials change their minds, Koningshaven Bridge (known as “De Hef”) will be altered so Bezo’s 417-foot-high Y721 behemoth can sail smoothly through the city. Dismantling and reassembling the bridge is a massive endeavor that will take up to two weeks to complete.

“Rotterdam was built from the rubble by Rotterdammers and we don’t just take it apart for the phallus symbol of a megalomaniac billionaire,” protester Pablo Strörmann wrote on a Facebook event page for the egging. “Not without a fight.”

Apparently, people agree with him. Three thousand Facebook users have RSVPed to the event, with an additional 10,000 indicating interest.

Strörmann planned the event because he believes the rich shouldn’t always get their way.

“With this call we make our voice heard in a playful way,” he said. “And I think that is going very well.”

We say Bezos deserves a few (thousand) rotten eggs whether or not the bridge gets tinkered with. But if Strörmann really wants to get the message across, he needs to get the egg on Bezo’s face.

Cover Photo: Alberto Rodriguez/E! Entertainment / Contributor (Getty Images)