‘Dr. Magic Flute’ Told Patients He Could Cure Cancer With His Dick, And It Was One Hell of a Try

The first clue that a doctor is a quack could very well be their nickname. A so-called medical professional known as “Dr. Magic Flute” should have sent up a few red flags. But for some patients of the Italian M.D., it didn’t. And when the 60-year-old doc claimed to be able to cure cancer by having sex with his female clientele, some women actually believed him and gave his dick treatment a try.

But let’s back up a beat. This douche’s name is Dr. Giovanni Miniello, and he’s a gynecologist in the southern city of Bari. He saw a 33-year-old woman named Anna Maria who appeared to have human papillomavirus (HPV), a sexually transmitted infection that can cause cancer. Though her Pap smear was negative, he told her that she had “white spots” on her cervix. But no worries, he said, because he could cure her by bumping uglies.

“I have saved many women from cancer. All those I have had contact with were negative afterwards,” he allegedly said. He also supposedly stated that he had been vaccinated against HPV and could pass on his immunity to her if they had unprotected sex.

Anna Maria wasn’t that dumb. Instead of submitting to Dr. Magic Flute’s sexual healing, she contacted the Italian newspaper La Repubblica instead, claiming that the devious doctor had fondled her breasts and said he preferred small-chested women. She also contacted investigative news program Le lene, which did an exposé on the dirty doc with the help of an actress who pretended to be a prospective patient. But before they could get it on, a journalist barged in.

Since the program aired, 15 women have come forward saying that Dr. Magic Flute tried his “miracle sex cure” on them.

“I, who have successfully treated hundreds of women for over 40 years … only proposed an alternative treatment that has yielded results,” Miniello said through his attorney.

The doc is currently under investigation. It seems to us that if found guilty, castration would be a totally fair punishment.

Photos: Newsflash