Meanwhile in China: Trippy Mushroom-Themed Resort Is Perfect Place For a Fungi Like Yourself (Video)

There’s stiff competition in the travel industry as destinations vie to lure visitors back post-pandemic. One luxury hotel in southern China has been designed with a unique mushroom theme in mind.

Located in Xingyi in Guizhou Province, the trippy, fungi-inspired accommodations are officially known as the Yixing Mushroom Outdoor Luxury Hotel. The first-of-its-kind resort looks like a surreal scene out of a children’s film. Colorful mushroom sculptures adorn the exterior of the hotel, which also features a swimming pool.

No word on whether the magic mushrooms that define the property extend to the ingestible form, but this hotel is so whimsical, you might not even need them to feel like you’re in a whole new world. It looks like the perfect place for a fungi like yourself to kick back, relax, and forget reality for a while.

Cover Photo: New York Post