Mandatory Tweets: Funniest Reactions to Mitt Romney and Krysten Sinema Ruining Halloween With Their Ted Lasso Costumes

If you thought we’d roll through Halloween without any real thrillers, guess again. As October rolled along, it’s been pretty quiet on the scary, then along comes Mitt Romney and Krysten Sinema with their ridiculous Halloween costumes. Taking to Twitter today, Mitt revealed he is dressing up as Ted Lasso for Halloween and nothing could be more of the opposite from each other. While Ted Lasso is charming and heartwarming, Mitt Romney is loathsome and vomit-inducing.

While these two try to destroy Halloween and ruin one of our favorite shows, Twitter wasted no time in getting out the torches and roasting these two. Here are our favorite funniest tweets for ya, Mitt.









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