10 Sleepy Accidents Almost As Bad As Mistaking Super Glue For Eye Drops

We’ve all been caught trying to function in the world half-asleep but it doesn’t usually lead us on a trip to the ER. Not so for one Michigan woman who nearly lost her eyesight after groggily mistaking super glue for eye drops.

Yacedrah Williams awoke in the middle of the night suffering from extremely dry eyes. In the darkness, she reached for her purse and pulled out what she thought was Refresh. But the moment the liquid hit her pupils she knew something was wrong.

Her terrified screams roused her husband who helped her to the bathroom. But despite flushing her eyes out under the faucet for several minutes, her lids were glued shut.

The couple rushed to the hospital where doctors were able to pry the lids open (though Williams lost all her eyelashes in the process). If she hadn’t fallen asleep with her contact lenses still in, doctors say she would have lost her eyesight. Thankfully, the contacts acted as a protective barrier, preventing the glue from reaching her cornea.

Believe it or not, mistaking super glue for eye drops is a fairly common occurrence. More astonishingly, however, sleep-related accidents cost an estimated $200 billion a year in healthcare and related expenses, with over 274,000 workplace accidents linked to drowsiness. (We blame Netflix.)

Here are 10 common sleepy accidents almost as bad as gluing your eyes shut with Gorilla Glue. We’re pretty sure you’re guilty of at least one of these mishaps. But if you suffer from all 10, consider getting some help – your vision (and dignity) may depend on it.

Cover Photo: Koldunova_Anna (Getty Images)

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