martian cabin

Martian Cabin Prototype For Rent in Most Uninhabitable City of All

Ever wondered what life would be like on other planets? Maybe you’ve daydreamed about what kind of yoga they practice on Venus or if there’s a decent bagel shop in the neighborhood of Neptune? Well, starting next year, you can at least get a taste of life on Mars when you book a stay at TERA, a prototype martian cabin that snagged first place at NASA’s 3-D-printed Mars Habitat Challenge. Book your stay at this otherworldly abode and add it to your resume when NASA starts interviewing people for the great martian colonization. As any local will tell you, if you can survive life in New York, you can survive just about anywhere in the universe. With that in mind, here are a few other spots you might want to book today so you can mold your flabby earthman flesh into the muscle-hardened, intergalactic spaceman bod of tomorrow.

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