Honest Timeline: Your First (and Futile) Attempt at a Hot Yoga Class

Photo: Yuri_Arcurs (Getty Images)

You’ve reached a low point in life where it’s obvious the spiritual, mental health and physical nature of your being all need serious, simultaneous maintenance. Instead of joining some weird fitness trend, you’ll keep it casual and try yoga. Hey, why not hot yoga? We’ll tell you why the hell not with an honest timeline for your first futile attempts.

Not only will you convince yourself you’re on track to pseudo-enlightenment, you’ll sweat more than you knew possible and most likely want to die afterward. Is this the path to enlightenment? Probably not, but before you namaste your way through your first yoga class, here’s what to expect. Now, let’s roll out that yoga mat, assume child’s pose and prepare to be told to “sit this one out.”

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What does your inner monologue rant when you’re stuck in downward dog? Let us know in the comments!

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