Man Den

Smoke Space: 8 Man Den Must-Haves For Your Kush Pad

Photo: The Washington Post / Contributor (Getty Images)

Now that getting stoned is becoming more mainstream, you may want to take your man den to the next level. The smoke sesh level. But until weed is legalized, your smoke sesh may need to happen on the down-low. So setting up a state-of-the-art smoking lounge inside your man cave is the best option.

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This way you can get ripped without having to worry about the cops (unless you eat an edible and convince yourself the cops are on the way). The perfect smoking lounge is part man cave, part stoners delight, and totally entertaining. So stock up on these weediculous essentials for a Mandatory-approved man den just in time for 420.

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Which of these items would be on your smoke lounge wish list? Let us know in the comments!

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