Hitman murder

Woman Unfamiliar with TaskRabbit Overpays $2,999,950 To Murder Husband

Photo: suphaporn (Getty Images)

How much would you pay to have your husband whacked? Not $3 million, right? But one woman clearly didn’t check the Kelley Blue Book of assassins when she hired a hitman to murder her wealthy consort in 2005 and is now spending the rest of her life behind bars after the incompetent killer coughed up the plot to federal investigators.

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Aurea Vazquez Rijos, a former (very former) beauty queen from Puerto Rico was sentenced last week in a Texas court after spending more than a decade cavorting around the European continent on her dead husband’s dime. Dubbed “The Black Widow” in European press (real original, guys) Rijos was finally apprehended and extradited back to the States. If only TaskRabbit had existed back then, Rijos could have gotten a struggling actor to the do the job for $50. What can’t you get someone to do on TaskRabbit? For your next completely illegal, dirty job, break open the piggy bank and hire someone from the web to do it.

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