Making a Murderer Is Getting a Follow-Up

Photo: Noam Galai (Getty Images)

Back in 2015 when Making a Murderer first came out on Netflix, there was a lot of controversy surrounding it. The critics and the public had polarizing attitudes towards it. While some claimed it was a comprehensible, emphatic look at one man’s fate, others criticized it for being too one-sided. Either way, the series became extremely popular, and Netflix is currently working on a second season. However, a film director Shawn Rech recently announced that he would be making a follow-up to the first season called Convicting a Murderer that offers a fresh perspective on the Steven Avery case and addresses various allegations that came up during the process. The production is still in early stages.

In case you’ve never seen the first season of Making a Murderer — it covers the story of a man called Steven Avery who was wrongfully convicted of sexual assault and attempted murder, and who spent 18 years in prison for the crime he did not commit. In 2003, he was released from prison thanks to some DNA evidence, but was convicted of murder just two years later. Throughout the trial, Avery claimed that he was set up because he filed a lawsuit against the county for the time he spent in prison. The documentary also covered the conviction of his nephew, Brendan Dassey, who was named an accomplice. Avery is still serving his life sentence without the possibility of a parole.

Obviously, the entire judicial process seemed suspicious and the public reacted strongly to it. A great number of people actually signed a petition that they sent to the White House, demanding the release of Steven Avery, but their wish couldn’t be granted. Celebrities like Ricky Gervais, Mandy Moore, and Alec Baldwin praised the series and a number of organizations took action to change the ruling. On the other hand, the persecution and the state officials noted that they weren’t given a chance to speak in Making a Murderer and their statements were often edited. This is something that Convicting a Murderer will try to fix with the new show and people will be able to get a more objective look at the whole situation.

What about you? Have you seen the original Making a Murderer? Do you think it lacks objectivity?