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Netflix Shows That Are Buttering Us (And Our Popcorn) Up for the Fall

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It’s October, which means Netflix and nothing else. In addition to slasher films, TV is in its prime when the leaves fall. No matter what genre you’re into, it’s most sweater-loving, fire-starting time of the year to curl up with your Netflix and binge relentlessly so let’s get to it.

While we’re admittedly addicted to these shows already blowing people’s minds this year, there’s still a small handful of Netflix originals yet to premiere. Below are our four most anticipated shows already buttering us (and our popcorn) up.

Making A Murderer: Part 2 (October 19)

It’s been three years since this original knocked the country’s socks off. Every episode left us shocked, enraged and screaming at the TV, ‘He didn’t do it!’ … Followed by the next episode with, ‘He did it! That scumbag deserves to rot!’

Confusion abounds, it’s time for round two. This season will showcase the ongoing legal battle to free Steven Avery, 56, and Brendan Dassey (the teen believed to have been coerced into a confession) now 28. Is there more revealing evidence or a cause worth giving up on?

Shirkers (October 26)

This award-winning documentary is a fascinating mystery told through the lens of Sandi Tan, a Singapore-born film-maker. In 1992, at age 19, Tan was shooting a road movie with her friends. Joining the adventure was Tan’s American mentor, Georges, who seemed to be a perfect fit for their project … until he disappeared with all of the 16mm film reels.

Who is Georges after all? And why would he steal movie footage from a bunch of Asian teens? There is an eerie feel to this documentary that leaves several stones urging to be turned.

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Patriot Act With Hasan Minhaj (October 28)

Minhaj leaves The Daily Show for his own project that promises to explore the “modern cultural and political landscape with depth and sincerity, using his unique comedic voice and storytelling skill to investigate the larger trends shaping the fragmented world.”

Could this be John Oliver 2.0? We’re very intrigued.


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Narcos: Mexico (November 16)

Spinoffs rarely work, but considering this story arc is a logical continuance following the fall of Columbia drug-lord Pablo Escobar, we’re all in.

Expect Narcos: Mexico to show a realistic, dramatic timeline of how drug trafficking infiltrated Mexico, while also showing how it destroyed the country, affecting the United States at the same time. It will be fascinating to see portrayals of the Felix Gallardo-led Guadalajara Cartel along with the rise of El Chapo. Don’t watch this with the kids around.


Josh Helmuth lives in St. Louis. He loves sports, movies and cheeseburgers. 


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