Butterflies From Mexico Prove No Wall Will Stop Their Migration to California

Photo: Sylvain Cordier (Getty Images)

If you live in Southern California and drive with your head out the window like I do, you might’ve caught a mouthful of Painted Ladies. Though funny tasting, these abundant two-inch butterfly beauties have been filling the skies, migrating from Mexico towards the Pacific Northwest, reportedly because of the unusually heavy rainfall over the past two months.

“Build the wall as high as you like, Mr. President, it’s not going to do you any good,” Queen Elinor of the Painted Ladies said as she flew with through the streets of Westwood in Los Angeles.

While migration has only been counted down around 25,000 butterflies in past years, this year scientists estimate more than 1 billion butterflies in 2019. We head now to our correspondent, Michael McKean, for an update:

Although rain is the chief suspect for the heavy migration, electric scooters and ride-share apps are also debatably related to this butterfly effect. Scientists are warning left coasters that if they feel butterflies in the tummies this week, there’s a good chance they actually swallowed several butterflies.

See the migration for yourself in this top-notch news report, which proves journalist integrity is firmly intact.

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